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Apartment Interior Design in Chisinau

Apartment interior design in Chisinau with calm hues and a lot of light

We want not only to create an individual space for each client, but a real retreat from everyday life. It is one of the starting points of our projects; that is why we are always trying to offer freedom to dwellings. This was the case with the project presented below, in which we relied on much white, light and simplicity of lines. The living room and the dining room have become an integral space due to the use of calm hues, and the sofa of the noble blue colour became the point around which the day area is concentrated. Also here we enlivened the walls with decorative modules – one of the most contemporary accents in the interior.

Simplicity continues throughout the entire house, due to the design following the same spirit where the idea of calmness serves as the baseline. Bedroom furniture follows the same simple lines and discreet furniture for storage ensures the functionality and accuracy of the interior. Wood and carpets are the elements that warm the atmosphere throughout the entire dwelling and make it relaxing. We abandoned the excessive décor, but we introduced some creative elements, and namely paintings that aim to create a relaxing and contemplative family space. Thus, the apartment became the perfect retreat where simplicity, calmness, creativity and warmth are combined.

Year: 2019

Size: 101,46

Location: Chișinău, Moldova

Brands: Ikea, Vitra, Jysk, Natuzzi, Flos, Madlab, Zehnder Universal

Designers Collaborators: Vitalie Robu, Marco Ballerini, Ivancenco Serghei, Cevdari Iulia

Concept Design Interior: AB + PartnersApartment Interior Design in Chisinau


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