Boutique House – reinterpretarea tradițiilor

Boutique House is an architectural reinterpretation of a traditional Moldovan house, which mimics the volume of space and shape of the classic house. In order to preserve the idea of authenticity, we have integrated small insertions of traditional elements in the concept, such as carved wood finishes, both inside and outside. The project implies naturalness, therefore we used materials that imitate wood, and stone imitations were used on pavements and on the façade and rustic slate served as a detail. As another traditional element, we have applied the formula of the reinterpreted porch of the house that we have incorporated in a part facing south, so that the day zone is withdrawn from the external façade. In such a way the house is protected from the insolation during summer, and we have calculated the angle of the sun rays so that in winter time they reach the day zone of the house.
We have created an up-to-date space not only in trends, but also in ideas. We have used innovative materials such as ultra slim composite imitating wood, integrated heat recovery ventilation and conditioning system, as well as the wood-burning fireplace connected to the underfloor heating system. Similarly, we can observe an innovation for Moldovan architecture, a material used quite often and for a long time in Nordic, Scandinavian architecture – the roof from profiled sheet metal, which is an industrial material used in residential projects. As an outdoor technology, we have an innovative ventilated façade, covered with the fibre cement boards. Very large tiles repeat the composition of the hollow and filled elements, access ways, as well as stained-glass windows, which are very imposing and very large in the southern area. In the north, we have entirely covered the house with full walls, so the heat losses are very small in winter.
We used a frame structure with retractable elements as a system to build a huge attic opening, in the place where we have the opening for bedrooms, these becoming a place from which you can admire the sunset.
The house is positioned on the lot of land and adapted to it. The lot of land is situated on a slope so the house regulates these two levels of the ground floor and the basement. Thus, we have created a play on the predefined landscape, and the house is the element that unites the bottom area with the upper one. They are distributed to perform two important functions. There is the living area, access way, kitchen, dining room on the ground floor and also a small annex integrated into the house, a kind of guest house with bathroom and office.
The basement zone is a relaxation area, with a number of facilities that give such a possibility. And let’s come back to the attic, where the bedrooms and their sanitary conveniences are located. Similarly, each bathroom of the attic represents a sign of architectural quality. We positioned the fixed Velux windows above the bath tubs and when standing in the tub you can admire the sky, thus the bathroom is transformed into a space of contemplation. The same sensation of recreation one can feel on the terrace and balconies, the yard is equipped with artistic lighting of the night time landscape and offers a relaxing view.


Year: 2018

Size: 350 m2

Location: Chisinau, RM

Brands: Flos, MADLAB, Foscarini, Porcelanosa, Wall & Decò, Smeg, Kludi, Schüco International KG, Natucor.

Team: Alexandrin Buraga

Architecture and Interior Design: AB + Partners

Photo: Oleg Bajura



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