Milanin Law Office – Loft within the frame of law

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Milanin Law Office – Loft within the frame of law

Milanin Law Office – Loft within the frame of law

In Milanin Law Office, the loft is revealed in its full splendour. The rough appearance of Porotherm ceramic blocks is combined with the hardness of concrete and held back by simple and straight lines. The industrial atmosphere has been refreshed by living plants and also by the wall decorated with high quality artificial plants. The colour range of the interior is cold and reserved, fully rendering the atmosphere which is necessary for a notary’s office.

The main challenge of this office was the small surface that we had at disposal. That’s why the furniture and décor are minimized, and the lighting is installed strategically and offers the possibility of scenographic turning of the light flux. To create the feeling of freedom and transparency, and to compensate for the lack of natural light, we have chosen to divide rooms using glass walls.

In order to smooth the rough materials and the laconic lines used, we have put in the interior yellow upholstered armchairs. For the same purpose we used modern classic paintings in the office. Thus, we have achieved a slight balance of space, offering to the eye a rest from the general industrial scene, and to the office – aesthetic accents.

Year: 2019

Size: 96m2

Location: Chișinău

Brands: Flos, MADLAB, Minotti

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vitalie Robu, Natalia Bedros

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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