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Alexandrin Buraga – one-of-a-kind architect

Founder and Director General of AB + PARTNERS company, Alexandrin Buraga confesses that for him, success is the proof of work, dedication and passion for what he is doing, and his initial purpose was to create values, not success.

Alexandrin serves as a proof of the fact that years are not necessarily an indicator of performance, excellence or experience in business. Personal training has allowed him to take advantage of the opportunities that have come to his life even at the age when many of us are just starting to look for a purpose in life.
In this context, he also has chosen the right people to work on the design and construction of his business idea. He feels good leading a team, with people being his main source of inspiration, both in architecture and design, as well as in business.
It was not at all just a lucky chance to meet and discuss a form of collaboration with Italian architect Marco Ballerini, because Alexandrin’s visions have crossed the borders of Moldova long ago and are inspired by the latest trends in smart planning. So they have formed a partnership based on trust and bold concepts. Now, together with Marco, they lead a team of 20 members, setting goals that define them as personalities beyond the profession.
Individual approach to each request as well as tailoring of dreams to real possibilities made them unstoppable when it comes to the materialization of a space arrangement idea and formation of a design concept.

He works side by side with his team and always has the agenda and pencil for notes on him.
Success recognized by others came quickly: he was nominated by FORBES magazine in the ranking “30 under 30”, along with other remarkable names from Romania, designated “Man of the Year 2017” in Architecture and Design by VIP magazine.
Moreover, the company AB + PARTNERS has also been involved in architecture and interior design projects in Bucharest, Paris and London, where a lot of passion and attention has been paid to the details.
Regardless of the project, he takes stand on the function, shape and appearance of the required objects, but never forgets to favour the economic and social sector, as well as the invention of new possibilities in usage of the created space.t.

Asked if he is satisfied and happy with the way the company evolves, Alexandrin told us the following: “Yes, I am fulfilled, and fulfilment means the constant of enthusiasm and the mornings when I wake up full with the same dedication and passion as in the previous ones.”

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