What can an Italian architect discover in Moldova?

An Italian employed in Moldova – sounds strange! An employee from another country who will help the company to grow up to an international level – sounds good! This is the case of Marco Ballerini, he is the architect who has changed the sun of Tuscany for the one of Moldova. He confessed that at first he did not want to continue working with us as an architect, but the meeting with Alexandrin Buraga, the founder of AB + Partners, changed his vision of the possibilities offered by this domain in Moldova.  Compatible in visions and attitudes, these two architects develop the company together, combining in a single concept the innovative visions, young spirit, upsurges full of enthusiasm, wisdom and experience.

Marco Ballerini is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and associate/partner at AB + Partners.

Leadership vision

In Italy, he worked on his own; at AB + Partners he has over 20 subordinate employees.

There are so many ways to be a leader … It’s not easy to run a team, you should have a personality and an attitude for which everyone will follow you. In this process what you say is less important than what happens to those whom you lead. Regardless of the way you choose to follow, being more severe or friendlier, it is important always to be fair with them, but also with yourself. In fact, it is important to remain for ever yourself. Generally, I do not try to stand up and win, but rather to convince.

There is no perfect team, errors are made always, it is important that they are reduced to minimum. And we are the team that does this! “

Architecture Vision

Architecture is the materialization of an idea, and the architect can be considered a creator. Now, this process of creation takes another scale and a global importance. Architecture conveys a dynamic concept of time and public life and makes us more attentive to the characters and environment that surround us. Of course, what has been so far cannot be wiped out with the sponge, i.e. buildings that are the embodiment of tradition, culture and history, but technological development gives us an unimaginable space for creation. Building materials have become more sustainable and diverse and ecological technologies have become an important component of the contemporary architecture. The goal of the architect is to create significant places that go one step ahead of time. It’s important where you come from, but it’s more important where you go.

Internal secret:

Out of his earshot the team calls Marco “Marcel” and that’s because the lady accountant did not get used to the name of the architect and “Moldovanized” it. Probably the nickname is the only Moldovan element that the Italian architect has.

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