Year: 2024

Area:  210 sqm

Location: Bruxelles, Belgium

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Nicoleta Jelihovschi, Sergiu Tanasiev, Olga Nemtanu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

We soften the lines and offer even more comfort. This interior design project becomes an oasis of tranquility where light shades dominate, with an air of subtle elegance. As a reflection of the owners, the home symbolizes contemporary nobility and a modern lifestyle, imbued with a subtle touch of luxury.

Interior design, with an emphasis on the diversity of textures, redefines the space, providing an aesthetic and tactile perspective that highlights the beauty of various materials. The simple color palette has allowed us to incorporate elements from different stylistic directions into the project, which together outline the image of a lifestyle blending the contemporary with the imprints of classical elements. Thus, in this project, the harsh appearance of stone and subtle frames coexist harmoniously, alongside the nobility of marble and the simplicity of unpretentious textiles.

The living area, spacious and bright, offers a sense of openness and freedom. Simple furniture in neutral tones was chosen to create a subtle balance between finishes. We added a fireplace to it, thus completing the space with warmth. The kitchen, with its simple furniture, gains a precious character through the use of natural stone tiles in significant details. The feeling of durability is supported by the dining area, where the massive table with a marble top becomes a focal point.

The upper floor has been reserved for the bedrooms, following the overall color scheme. Pastels dominate, providing calmness and comfort. Each bedroom has been approached through the prism of asymmetry, offering a visual play. Thus, we demonstrate once again that aesthetic tranquility and calmness are not necessarily associated with boredom.

House in Belgium thus becomes an interior design project that transcends conventions, expressing an innovative combination of comfort and aesthetics.

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