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Regina Naturii – aesthetically sweetened project

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We exist to create great architectural and interior design projects for those who believe excellence can be achieved.

The Architectural and Design Office AB+Partners, was founded by the architect Alexandrin Buraga in 2015, and currently its identity is also well known worldwide.


Clients Reviews

Victor Cepoi [Fondator Global Store]

Roger Gladei [ Co-fondator Gladei & Partners]

Tudor Ceaicovschi [Global Biomarketing Group-Moldova]



AB + Partners is an Architecture office that offers full design services from conception to complete building execution, including all design phases  …

Design Concepts

An advanced design concept is one that does not interfere with your daily activities. AB + Parteners team offers you the opportunity to develop …

Building Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are primary studies undertaken in the early stages of a project. These tend to be executed when a project is more complex …

Interior Design

An interior design project involves creating a personalized, unique concept for each client, so each person is unique in their own way …

Branding & Identity

Brand is more than a logo. It’s a comprehensive experience that tells the audience about your company’s individuality …

Business Concepts

An idea for a business that involves basic information such as the service or product, the demographic target, and a exclusive selling …

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