Year: 2023

Area: 390 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Elena Bivol, Alina Moldovanu, Cristina Cortac

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

This is the project where we redefine elegance and refinement. Inspired by light colours and their brightness, this beauty salon illustrates the concept of an elite premise. Here, calmness blends harmoniously with naturalness, creating a noble interior.

The ground floor is flooded with light and this effect is enhanced by the hues of the walls and furniture. We have kept an obvious simplicity in the lines. Subtle light fixtures, soft furniture and airy zoning allowed us to insert details reminding us of nature. Thus, some areas of the walls borrowed their look from stone, and some furniture details – from the texture of wood. The latter establishing a colour balance and definitively eliminating the feeling of sterility.

The generosity of the premises gave us the possibility to functionally divide the salon.

Thus, several offices for cosmetology and beauty procedures were designed on the first floor, as well as two offices that faithfully follow the stylistic line of the project. Soft colours and subtle ambient lighting create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Although these spaces are intended for a much lower flux of people than the ground floor, we have not deprived them of attention. We have introduced elements of comfort here as well, the spaces are complemented by art works, meant to express not only the character of the owner but of the entire project.

But the secret of this beauty salon is in the attic. This is where a multi-purpose area has been designed to offer a holistic and personalised experience for clients. A variety of special events and much more can be held in this space. In addition to colour design workshops, for example, the premises offer the possibility of holding conferences or group yoga classes. On an aesthetic level, the interior has been approached with care, with bright colours and windows that let in plenty of natural light adding a sense of freshness.

Absolutely in every premise, every detail has been carefully selected to match the overall aesthetics of the salon, making every visit a unique experience.

You can see what the concept looked like here.

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