Year: 2024

Area: 300 sqm

Brands: Minotti, Baxter, Flos, Manooi, Moooi, Delta Light, Massiero, Aster, Galassia, Treemme, Florim

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini

General Manager: DMC Construction

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

Photo: Mihaela Alaiba

Any interior design project is the result of combining the customer’s demands and the designer’s aesthetic feeling. The concept is born from the calm and comfort that the customer wants and becomes a white canvas on which the specialist leaves the creativity to draw images. Such a formula is even more relevant in the case of large spaces, like those in this project.

The ground floor was reserved for the day area. The nobility of the premise is highlighted from the very first square meters. In addition to the generous dressing room and the table at the entrance, the hall was completed with a metal partition having asymmetrical rigid shapes.

See here what the concept looks like.

Also on the ground floor, we have a beautiful open space that unites the kitchen, dining room and living room. Although dominated by neutral hues, each of the areas was visually divided from the others, giving each one an elegant look. The living room is the place where the shades of grey have been tamed. Slightly varying in hues massive sofas become central items, but not in an abusive way. In addition to them, the armchairs and the rest of the furniture contribute to the creation of the feeling of comfort. As an accent item we have created a wall in which the natural stone slabs are completed by metallic elements and accompanied by shelves that resemble in shape with the partition. Another jewel of the premise has become the lighting fixture, the classic style of which brings the necessary dose of preciousness into the premise. The dining room and the kitchen represent a single space with shades of chromatic contrast. Stylistically they are united by simple lines and the noble texture of wood. Curved lines appear here with the aim to give more comfort to the premise. The entire ground floor is bathed in light, which gives the house an ephemeral air.

Designing the staircase, we relied on geometry and luxurious materials. Thus, here we have a suspended lighting fixture with strict lines, wall with plywood décor and stairs from natural stone. The same atmosphere continues in the hall, where the decorative plaster was completed by classic frames.

The master bedroom becomes an epicenter of intimacy. Subtle lines, classic moldings, and the lighting fixture continue the general stylistic line of the house. The master bathroom becomes a memorable element. Isolated only by glass walls, it supports the overall transparency and ephemerality. The well-partitioned wardrobe completes the functionality and comfort of the space.

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