Year: 2021

Area: 100 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Brands: Cielo, Tremme, Florim, Flos, Vibia, Glamora, Minotti

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodișteanu, Veronica Juc, Cristina Cortac

Concept Design Interior: AB + Partners

Turnkey execution: MADLAB

Photo: Oleg Bajura

The interior design of this apartment has found its relevance in the combination of three styles: modern minimalist, Scandinavian and loft. Guided by the client’s preferences, we gave free rein to our imagination, creating an individual story for each room and uniting them through a common stylistic thread.

Borrowing motifs from nature such as the sky and the moon, the concept is characterized by circular shapes. We also used plastered panels with the effect of concrete and LED lighting on a deep blue background of the walls. The house represents the contrast of colours and finishes, which become skilfully used tools for zoning the space. Planning is another factor that has contributed to the aesthetic and visual division of the rooms. The sloping walls and ceilings with the axes of the curved beams allowed us to combine all three styles in an individual way.

We borrowed the concrete that is applied as an accent on the walls and the painted metal frames in some pieces of furniture from the loft style. Another characteristic element is the anthracite colour, used on the walls and for furniture.

We used in the concept light, natural chromatics as elements of the Scandinavian style. The predominant colour is white on the walls and wood is applied as an accent. Green accents add a touch of naturalness.

An important role in creating the atmosphere is played by panoramic windows, which allow natural light to penetrate inside abundantly. Accessorizing them with black blinds gives the interior a shade of loft and minimalism, and the curtains are used as accents. Artificial lighting is just as important: ceiling luminaries, LEDs in furniture and wall niches, decorative luminaries – all have a particular role, without which this design project would have been colder, as the used lights warm the atmosphere and give the space a distinctive character. We opted for less sophisticated luminaries, just to provide a more scenographic view.

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