Year: 2023

Area: 1150 sqm

Location: Bruxelles, Belgium

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Serghei Sim, Cristina Gorbunova

Architectural Concept: AB + Partners

Design is a universal language, and this makes our projects easily transcend the borders of our country. This time, the succinct lines and sobriety, which define our signature, are found in the style of this house in the capital of Belgium.

The geometric harmony of the home is not without its complexity. Clear volumetry, where angles and accents follow the canons of contemporary architecture, brings simplicity and order to the fore. Our goal was to highlight this already existing formula on an aesthetic level. To achieve this goal, we relied on the chromatic diversity of the finishes. Thus, the facade combines in itself the gray shade of the stone, the intensity and the subtle play of lines of the marble and the metallic luster of the brass plates. The combination of materials allowed us to create connections between the two levels, thus giving the concept aesthetic integrity and congruence. This juxtaposition emphasizes a subtle contrast, bringing different textures and a sophisticated look to the building.

The straight lines of the architecture, accentuated by the strategic placement of the finishes, allow for interesting plays of light and shadow throughout the day. The sun frames the building and highlights the architectural details. At night, the effect is guaranteed by the perimeter lighting integrated into the project.

The feeling of organization continues in the yard as well, the project including the dimension of landscape design. In order not to overshadow the aesthetics of the house, the terrace, the gazebo, and the pool were designed in light shades. Thus we obtain a dose of accuracy and lightness, fitting these elements into a whole. At the same time, we kept a large green area that maintains the naturalness of the project.

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