Year: 2022

Area: 200 sqm

Location: Paris, France

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Oxana Anton, Elena Bivol

Brands: Minotti,  Masiero Calligaris, Florim, Galassia, Delta Light, Treemme, Kahrs

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

We associate Paris with romanticism and subtlety, as well as with a special charm. We tried to convey these feelings in the case of this project as well. Especially since these features are based on the personality of our customers.

Each of the three floors of the house has been assigned its own role. Thus, in the basement we have a relaxation area, with guest bedroom, study and technical area. Here zoning has played a crucial role. The living room has not only the sofa, characteristic of this type of room, but also a bar with a counter. In this premise on the one side we have the soft furniture meant to create psychological comfort and the bar area on the other side. In this part of the room we used ceramic tiles to give a touch of nobility and durability. In addition, we have provided furniture with accent lighting.  The light hues were complemented by a beautiful blue armchair, which serves as a colour spot.

The ground floor was reserved for the day area. Large areas allowed us to plan balanced spaces, in which we added a touch of luxury. Thus, here we have a large premise designed for the kitchen with a beautiful island made of ceramic tiles, on which the sink was placed, and which also serves as a bar. In the same room we also arranged dining area, the countertop of which is combined with the island. Separation from the rest of the house byb means of tinted glass, provides an airy atmosphere to the premise.  On the same floor we have the living room combined with the dining room. We emphasized the ephemerality of the premise by light colours of the arrangement and gave it a luxurious touch due to the golden accents and sophisticated materials.

The last floor is intended for bedrooms. It is the embodiment of tenderness in hues and textures. The functionality is majestically mixed with the aesthetics. Pastel hues make the premises perfect for relaxation, while décor and frames create a distinct atmosphere. A true oasis of accomplished dreams.

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