Bacau Copy Center – conciseness in office style

Bacau Copy Center – conciseness in office style

Proper layout in an office space is the key to its functionality. This rule is even more valid when we talk about an open space office, which unites all zones within the same premises. In the case of Bacău Copy Center project we combined in one premise the reception area, working area, the area for copy and printing equipment, the plotter and even the kitchen.

Of course, the main challenge was the correct zoning and the convenient distribution of the equipment within the premise. In order to create a coherence of space, we opted for placing massive elements in the centre, as well as around the perimeter of the premise, keeping between them the space necessary for comfortable moving along. At the same time, we provided for the possibility of access to each of the technical devices. The subtle lighting, which emphasizes the concise lines of the interior or the sobriety of the space, makes from a place with a technical destination the one with certain accents and play of lights.

Although it is apparently a sterile space from an aesthetic point of view, we have tried to prove the opposite. Being furnished, as expected, in the spirit of the influence of minimalism and loft, the space gains personality. The exposed brick, complemented by concrete and black and white furniture, brings you in your thoughts back to functionality. On the other hand, the orange accents that we find in the colour of armchairs in the reception area and in the kitchen give liveliness to the atmosphere. Plants integrated in the design also have the same effect. Thus, we obtained a comfortable atmosphere despite the generally accepted ideas that a copy centre is focused exclusively on the technical side and demonstrated the need for convenience regardless of context.

Year: 2019

Size: 128,5 mp

Location: Romania

Brands: Qua Dakota, Natucer Bisell, Villeroy & Boch Subway, Cielo Tiberino, Freifrau Leya, Madlab

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodișteanu, Veceslav Munteniță, Vlad Ștepu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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