Beauty parlour L’AMERÉ – when it is all about optimization

Beauty parlour L’AMERÉ – when it is all about optimization

Beauty parlour L’AMERÉ – when it is all about optimization
The project of this beauty parlour in the capital of Czechia once again brought to us the challenge of small premises. We accepted it and, due to this fact, we gained the experience of setting up a beauty parlour, a shop and all the necessary premises within about 80 sq.m. Therefore, this project is about optimization. The total area was divided into two different spaces: one for the beauty parlour and the other for the shop, the latter taking about 30% of the area.
In order to design the beauty parlour according to the legal norms and standards, we have resorted to some tricks. Thus, in the main premise of the beauty parlour we have placed the reception and the waiting area, subtly isolating them from the area of hairstyling and make-up. Due to quite large windows, the area is flooded with natural light. To keep the feeling of brightness, we opted for the walls in light hues, black furniture and also black laconic mirror frames. The exception is the reception area, where the chairs of orange colour dissolve seemingly sterile atmosphere. The same orange colour was also used for the curtain that isolates the manicure and pedicure area from the rest of the premise. As it was a more remote area with no direct light source that would enter this premise, we have focused on the correct lighting of the interior here. We kept the same colour range as in the previous areas, limiting the number of elements inserted inside to the maximum for to keep the space. The cosmetology area is also isolated from the rest of the premises. This area is the most open from a chromatic point of view. It was necessary for to create a comfortable zone for both employees and customers.
Also in the premise dedicated to the beauty parlour we have arranged the sanitary conveniences with two stalls, one of which was equipped with storage shelves.
We also created the interior of the shop, which was the one with a large variety of products. It was totally isolated from the beauty parlour by the walls. Thus, we tried to include in a single concept areas for fruit and vegetables, alcohol and tobacco products, ice cream production, cosmetics and the area for household products. We used wood and metal as elements that would unite all these products. Thus, we obtained showcases that give advantage to both sophisticated packaging of goods and the naturalness of fruits.
For both the shop and the beauty parlour we have set up a common warehouse, where the necessary goods for both of them can be kept.

Year: 2019

Size: 80 mp

Locaation: Cehia, Praga

Brands: Maletti, MadLAB, Poltrona Frau, Ceramica

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodisteanu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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