Bright apartment – a bright story of interior design in bedrooms, living room … and entire dwelling

Bright apartment – a bright story of interior design in bedrooms, living room … and entire dwelling

Convenience is our ultimate goal, especially when we are designing residential spaces. Each time we carefully choose the colour range so that it is suitable for all members of the family. This 4-room apartment, for which we have harmoniously created a bright interior design project in 3 bedrooms and living room, is not an exception either. We used neutral light hues and opted for integration of an accent in each premise. Thus, we achieved the perfect chromatic balance.

It is one of the cases where we refused to create an open space in favour of privacy. As the client’s desire was to create a space that is easily adaptable to different scenarios, we came up with an optimal solution – sliding glass doors. Thus, we have clearly delimited the kitchen and dining room from the living room, at the same time offering the possibility to form a common space for the celebrations attended by many guests through the simple opening of the doors. The bedrooms were created to provide privacy, excluding any additional details that would have charged the atmosphere. Here, the luminaires, in addition to their basic function, acquire that of decoration.

The entire dwelling is created based on the same stylistic elements, which makes a concept conceived as an integrated whole. Soft textiles give the space comfort, mirrors create a feeling of spaciousness, plants integrated into the project provide naturalness, and thin frames are details that define the history of an elegant interior.

Year: 2020

Size: 120 m2

Location: Chișinău, Republica Moldova

Brands: Minotti, Crate&Barrel, Egger, FLOS, Nexia, Castro Light, Cielo Ceramica, Florim, David Groppi, Celestial, Mooi

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodisteanu, Victoria Plesca

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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