Constanta House: perfect harmony of architecture and interior

Year: 2019

Area: 190 sqm

Location: Constanța, România

Brands: Flos, Delta Light, Castro, Vitra, Rex Ceramica, Kahrs, Sadolin, Cocif Filomuro, Madlab, Minotti, Orac Decor

Team: Marco Ballerini, Alexandrin Buraga, Alina Bodisteanu, Iulia Cevdari

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

dormitor in stil minimalist

The interior design of this house in Constanta had no right to be other than harmonious, given that it represents the arrangement of the spaces created namely by AB + Partners. Due to this fact, no intervention was required at the structure level, the rooms being designed from the very beginning according to the client’s wish. Thus, our main objective was to focus on creating a pleasant and balanced environment, which would provide calm and privacy to the entire family.

Combining the preferences of the masters with the topicality, we opted for a minimalist style arrangement, with subtle neoclassical shadows.

The ground floor was reserved for the common area: study, kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom – all characterized by a noble simplicity. Having no obvious signs of opulence, the premises are primarily enhancing the comfort. Thus, the living room and the dining room were joined by an open space. The fine chromatic line continues throughout this space, the zoning being carried out by placing the living room and the dining room on different sides of the entrance from the hall. Furniture covered with velvet and carpets provide comfort and the interior acquires shadows of naturalness and freshness thanks to wooden parquet and green shades of furniture, as well as plants placed in the premises.

The same patterns of freshness are found in the kitchen layout, where the laconic lines continue the general minimalist atmosphere. Also in the kitchen we have a small dining area for those privileged, so we got a private area only for the family, dedicated to warm mornings or evenings, when all family members gather at the table.
In fact, privacy was still one of our goals, and this is very well accentuated upstairs. There we arranged the matrimonial bedroom that has its own bathroom and two bedrooms for children.

Although the latter have a shared bathroom, the project was designed in such a way that there is access to this facility from each room. The bathrooms, on the other hand, deserve special attention, impressing with the unique ceramic tiles we used in the project. We say unique because they are individual, their décor being made by painters especially for this purpose.
On the first floor the layout is also characterized by simple lines and calm hues. Doors with subtle cases, laconic frames, which faithfully follow the architectural lines and the compositional balance creates perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

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