Cortina Residence – Luxury apartment interior design

Year: 2018-2019

Area: 66 sqm

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Brand credit: Freifrau Leya, Flos -Captain Flint, Freifrau Amelie chair basic, Calligaris Vortex, Desiree divani-KARA, Minotti Creed, Gramercy Home Hove

Team: Vitalie Robu, Marco Ballerini, Ivancenco Serghei, Veronica Juc

Concept Design Interior: AB + Partners

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Every interior design project that we design redefines the owner’s personality and the atmosphere of the place.
The Bucharest apartment is located in the North area, near Herastrau Park.
Its interior is a harmonious and inspiring mix of modern, with minimalist accents.
We chose the minimalist furniture to give the apartment a touch of modern simplicity. The wood and green accents offer a connection with nature, providing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere

Every interior design project that we design redefines the personality of the owner and the atmosphere of the place.

The apartment in Bucharest is located in the northern area, near Herastrau Park. For the realization of the interior design of the apartment we harmoniously combined the modern entourage with classic accents, meant to give a noble shadow to the simplicity.  For the interior arrangement we have chosen furniture in minimalist style to give the apartment a shadow of modern simplicity. The wood and the accents of green colour make the connection with nature offering a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The compartmentalization is one of the secrets in the arrangement of this apartment. The dining room combined with the kitchen is divided from the living room by a wall, but without a door that would completely isolate two premises. Moreover, the planning allowed us to create continuity, the connection being established through the furniture: the kitchen is easily transformed into a library, following its concise lines.

Dominated by the hues of white, black and grey colour, the apartment has gained comfort due to the textures of the furniture, but also of the wooden floor. Cortina Residence is the example that demonstrates the perfect symbiosis between modern minimalism and classical elements. The sober atmosphere was dissolved by the classic frames on the walls, but also by the large windows that ensure plenty of natural light in the interior.

Particular attention should be drawn to the lighting and the decoration. Simple lines, without the luxury of details, complete the story of the laconic style. At the same time, living plants and chairs in the hues of green were used as a colour accent in the dining room.

The bedroom is arranged in the same hues, preserving concise lines. Although it is not a very large premise, it was strategically arranged. Thus, a mini-dressing was arranged in the bedroom and all the furniture necessary for privacy and comfort was integrated into the room.

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