G Penthouse – laconic elegance

Year: 2021

Area: 350 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Brands: Minotti, Poliform, Baxter, Meridiani, Arketipo, Treemme, Galassia, Flos, Lompatron, Bec Britain

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vlad Ștepu, Victoria Pleșca, Gabriela Nacu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

The final stake is comfortable and functional aesthetics. The project of this penthouse focuses on two directions of arrangement: generous in space day area and the area of bedrooms, which are 5 in number and each of them with its own look although all united by a common stylistic thread.

The day area is characterized by modern lines. Their simplicity allowed us to preserve the ephemerality of the premises. The furniture, which is inspired by the classic modern style, with succinct lines and without opulent details, supports the general style.

We kept the area open, and the contemporary open space, consisting of kitchen, living room and dining room ensures the light brightness and comfort of the home. The absence of walls conditioned a rational zoning. We grouped the kitchen and dining room in a common setting, offering the convenience of using them in tandem. On the other hand, without resorting to absolute physical isolation, a generous space was reserved for the living room. As a continuation of the latter, we arranged a spacious terrace, where we also have simple lines and shadows of luxury due to the materials used.

In addition to the panoramic windows that allow the premises to be bathed in the rays of light, another factor that contributes to this are lighting fixtures. In the case of the kitchen, they are located above the working area, and in the living room – above the relaxation area.

Calm colours and the fine structure of the wood allowed us to introduce some accents meant to give the shadows of nobility to the house and to contribute to the comfort of the beneficiaries. Thus, on the walls we used laconic frames, and the lighting fixtures became a real decoration of the premises.

The harmony of the lines continues in the bedrooms as well. Being different in hues, they are united by the stylistic thread that imposes a series of common elements: pastel and warm colours, classic frames and functional zoning. In these spaces we also have large windows, which ensure the light brightness of the premise and support the general stylistic atmosphere. The scenographic lighting is another factor that ensures the privacy and relaxing atmosphere of the bedrooms. We gave up the classic symmetry and created a play of soft shapes, so that the interior emanates not only a systemic functionality, but also becomes a reflection of the personality of the beneficiaries.

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