Year: 2023

Area:  315 sqm

Location: Bologna, Italia

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Luminița Zubco, Tatiana Albu, Alina Moldovanu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

Elegant and sober, this interior design project is an update of timeless elements. This is the case where we deviated from the canons of light hues and outlined a sober but comfortable image. Due to the chromatic solutions, we have outlined an atmosphere full of privacy. However, we added complexity to the project through subtle details and expensive materials.

The play of grey hues on the ground floor is balanced with lots of natural light. In general, naturalness was one of the main premises of the project. And this feature is emphasized by the finishes we used. The noble texture of wood blends harmoniously with the hardness of the natural stone relief and the elegance of marble. We used upholstery and textiles for to provide comfort. Also, in this regard we arranged the fireplace in the living room, meant to warm up the premise, including visually. A special allure has been outlined thanks to the integrated art objects and subtle gold details. We opted for organic, smooth shapes, whose simplicity emphasizes the essence and complexity of the combinations.

In the bedrooms area, we maintained the colour trend. As these are premises intended for relaxation, they must not contain eccentric details, so we did not use the décor. Instead, we opted for lighting fixtures and other details whose shapes deviate from the principle of obedient symmetry and serve as the accents of the rooms. In the bedrooms we also emphasized the presence of wood, to create the feeling of comfort and warmth. However, here we added ephemerality using glass.

In the end, we got a project that emanates complexity and power.

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