Year: 2023

Area:  300 sqm

Location: Nice, France

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Cristina Corai, Elena Bivol, Olga Nemțanu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

This interior design project is the illustration of ephemerality. Dominated by calm pastel hues, the premises emanate comfort. The wide windows bathe the interior in light, and the light colours emphasize the feeling of freedom.

The challenge awaited us right at the entrance to the house. Although the customer wanted to isolate the hall from the other premises, he avoided building a wall. To solve this dilemma, we used a partition that serves as a storage space for the dining area. The latter being unified by colour and materials with the living room. These two areas were visually divided by means of finishes and décor. The fireplace has become the main point of the living area. A distinguished and stylish atmosphere was created around it. We opted for a noble combination of beige and brown colours. We used golden elements as an accent because they give the touch of luxury necessary to simplicity. At the same time, due to ceramic tiles, we offered the premise a dose of durability.

And upstairs we have the same stylistic thread. The bedrooms were decorated in warm, powdery hues, and thanks to them, the house retains its brightness. Furniture with soft lines increases the feeling of comfort and gives the entire premise a soft touch. Thus, the house becomes an oasis of peace, whose chromatic and stylistic uniformity surrounds the customers with a feeling of care and calmness.

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