Landscape design: completing your own ecosystem

Year: 2021

Surface: 350 m2

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Team: AB+Partners, MOOD Garden

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners, Piniro

Outside comfort is just as important as indoor comfort. Although the development of the area around the house has not yet gained sufficient popularity, those who choose such a service will be able to enjoy the views even in their own courtyard. And this can be done by the customers of the project presented below.

The small surface of the land lot conditioned its division into several zones, which we ennobled with plants and compositions. We tried to use each of the zones, turning them into small oases. When we talk about landscape, we are talking not only about plants, but also about a number of elements that together imitate the relief found in scenic places. In our case, the landscape design project involved the creation of miniature landscapes in which decorative bushes, stones and trees are harmoniously intertwined. Against the background of the pavement and the architecture of the building, the landscape design aims to provide liveliness and colour to the yard, dissolving the sterility of concrete and other finishing materials.

On the other hand, the project was also considered from a practical point of view. Thus, while creating the landscape we used plants that are resistant to our weather conditions, do not require careful maintenance, so that the aesthetics goes hand in hand with functionality.

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