Year: 2022

Area: 8500 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Serghei Sim, Maxim Sitnic

Landscape Concept: AB + Partners

Apart from creating convenience in the urban space, the design of public places represents for us the challenge of creating points of attraction. They are designed for intensive use and in addition to functionality we include into the concepts messages that will be communicated to the society. This is why we approach the design of this type of space from artistic and philosophical points of view.

This project represents the illustration of a new type of urban space. Here we relied on a harmony between nature and human-built elements. From this formula resulted a sculptural composition of the pavilions integrated into the square. Inspired by trees, they remind of the tree trunks of a forest that are united together under a common cover. In the illuminated structure we have designed gaps, which put the man in the centre of the universe. Of course, we integrated benches for relaxation, but we also created a stage in one of the pavilions.

We have integrated in this space all the elements that create a harmonious and idyllic picture of the nature. Green spaces alternate with paved ones and merge. At the same time we ensured that the integration of natural elements does not create discomfort. Thus, the green areas are located at a higher level than the sidewalks, so that the space is easy to clean and maintain.

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