Landscape design – laconic, elegant and functional

Year: 2020

Area: 925 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Team: AB+Partners, Piniro

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners, Mood Garden

Exterior design is the ultimate component of creating your own ecosystem. The yard, united with the house by a single stylistic line, becomes a continuation of it. In the case of the landscape design project presented below, we opted for succinct lines, neutral colours and natural materials. The entire design concept involves a lot of vegetation: tall trees that keep the shade, flowers and green lawn, which offer the feeling of privacy. The main point of the arrangement was to preserve all the trees that exist on the site and to complete the forest atmosphere by adding trees and plants specific to Moldova.

We arranged several functional areas designed for different purposes, creating continuity between them. The terrace, which becomes an extension of the house, hosts a large sofa and a coffee table of simple shapes. Then, we designed a BBQ area, a swimming pool, a gazebo and a recreation area combined into a single complex – everything is done in a laconic and elegant style. Viewed from different points, they give the feeling of the open forest space. The functionality of the space is supported by the aesthetics of simple lines, but also by the night scenographic lighting. One of the unique ideas from an aesthetic point of view is the reflection of fire and other light sources on the water, which creates the illusion of a mysterious glow.

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