Year: 2024

Area: 80 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Nicoleta Jelihovschi, Corina Sadovnic

Interior Design Concept: AB+Partners

The apartment where light and ephemerality reign. In this apartment, comfort takes on a simple form where the concept combines light tones, warm textures, and simple lines. We focused on creating an atmosphere of absolute calm. We eliminated complicated shapes, eccentric details, and strong contrasting accents. At the same time, to achieve a sense of lightness, we paid special attention to planning.

The main challenge was the flow of natural light. With windows positioned on only one side, we needed to create a strategic layout to ensure the perfect functionality of the space. Thus, we concentrated the work areas near the windows. In the classic open space setup—kitchen, dining room, and living room—we provided privacy for the latter while ensuring abundant daylight for the other two. Supported by shades of cream and the texture of wood, the interior exudes warmth. Rounded lines and soft textiles complete the interior with comfort.

Zoning is equally important in personal spaces. In the master bedroom, we included elements that create a small, intimate, and practical ecosystem. Here, we harmoniously combined several functions. Besides the sleep-oriented furniture, we placed a dressing table and a workspace along the window side.

We applied the same approach to the children’s bedroom. To ensure the flow of natural light in the work area, the desks were also placed near the window. To maintain the lightness of the space, we continued the same stylistic line of succinct lines and light colors. In this way, we guaranteed both functionality and aesthetics.

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