Luxury Villa in London – a unique interior design

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Luxury interior design – Villa in London

The project presented below is a symbiosis of luxury, classical simplicity and reserved lines, between modern and luxurious style. The interior design is overwhelmed with modern nobility that is read in both the general ensemble and the details.

The white of the walls, the pastel colors and the exclusive materials dominate the atmosphere. Giving up the complexity of shapes in the architecture of this building, we opted to offer the sumptuousness in another form, so that its splendor is not strident, but just outlining the general atmosphere of the villa. The interior has been added faint notes of luxury by integrating golden items, classic wall decoration and fine finishing.

Massive luminaries whose sumptuous shapes perfectly fill up this unique interior design have been placed in this sophisticated ambiance. Thus, the villa borrowed elements from the classic London style mixed with modernism, which transform the residence into the perfect place for relaxation and retreat from everyday life.

Year: 2018 – 2019

Size: 733 m2

Location: London, UK

Brand credit: Bentley, Daytona, Eichholtz, Gessi, Vittoria Frigerio, Terzani, Circu, Manooi, Rex, Devon-Devon, Roberto Cavalli, Rugiano, Vissionaire, Delta Light, Antonio Lupi, Cinier.

Designers Collaborators: Alina Bodișteanu, Maria Moraru, Iulia Lavreica, Serghei Ivancenco, Iulia Cevdari.

Concept Design Interior: AB + Partners

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