Midtown Wineshop

Year: 2021

Area: 40 sqm

Location: Chișinău, R.Moldova

Brands: MADLAB, Sans Souci Lighting, Pranzo

Team: Marco Ballerini, Alexandrin Buraga, Vlad Stepu, Nicoleta Jelihovschi

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

Sincere, just like every drop of wine – so is the arrangement of this wine shop. To emphasize this feature of the project, we relied on natural materials, whose brutality emanates strength and durability.

We opted for minimalist lines of shelves that were made with an emphasis on sectioning. Thus, the basic structure was divided by metal elements, ensuring safe storage, as well as ephemerality of the structure. We used stone for finishing the wall behind the shelves as it is the material that supports the noble simplicity of the design project. Its rough structure has been subtly underlined by the scenographic lighting, which offers the shades of white or red light, depending on the desired atmosphere.

Since not so much light enters the premise, we focused on artificial lighting. Thus, we offered privacy to the premise in order to fully enjoy the sincerity of the lines, textures and, of course, the wine. The jewel of the interior that we used in the project is a massive suspended lighting fixture with an amazing simplicity of shapes.

And because every detail matters, in the centre of the wine cellar we placed a table with a solid wooden countertop, accompanied by chairs with leather lining, which support the naturalness of the premise. To the same category of important elements belongs the metal structure in the form of a sectioned bottle, which has the role of a showcase and is a representative element.

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