Milanin Concierge – the delights of calm colors

Year: 2019

Surface: 135 м2

Location: Chișinău

Brands: Flos, Maletti, Ligne Roset

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vitalie Robu, Alina Bodișteanu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

Design interior salon de frumusete

A place where beauty is created cannot be other, but beautiful. We transposed this philosophy, saturated with femininity and comfort into the setting of Melanin Beauty Parlour. The main objective of the project created at the basement of a residential block was to preserve the existing materials. And for to facilitate the access to the parlour an elevator reserved specially for this purpose was installed. In order to respect the authentic space, we avoided delimitation of zones by the walls and opted for a subtle partition of the space. In order to preserve transparency, but also the feeling of a large space, the shaping of the areas was done with the help of glass.

The colours in which the project was executed are calm, slightly feminine and guarantee the noble beauty of the aesthetics and a distinguished atmosphere. The rough look of Porotherm ceramic blocks and their reddish hue was combined with a lot of white, the colour being found in the furniture and the equipment of the parlour. Using the same idea, we combined the rough appearance of the microcement on the floor with the marble of the reception zone. Special attention was given to the luminaries. They were arranged by zones so as to guarantee discretion and to illuminate the necessary details. Due to easily adjustable luminaires, the atmosphere becomes slightly scenographic, offering calmness and noble spirit.

The accents of the project were also selected in the same style. The hue of ceramic blocks is assorted with the colours of the copper that was used at the reception, and also found in the flower-pots inside, and a calm hue of pink colour is found in the soft lines of the furniture in the waiting area. The last detail we needed was naturalness. To obtain it, we have integrated several plants in the interior, reserving for a wall the lively green colour of leaves. Thus, by subduing the initial brutality of a basement, we have achieved a perfect space for relaxation, where nobleness, femininity and naturalness weave a plot for the beauty of the fair sex.

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