Year: 2023

Area:  140 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Nicoleta Jelihovschi, Tatiana Albu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

This is the project where we allocated a personal corner to each user, without attempting to camouflage them in the palette of sobriety. Simultaneously, we selected materials in such a way that the overall picture offers comfort to everyone. Of course, stylistic coherence is indispensable in this context, with space cohesion achieved through shared color schemes and details.

Durability and naturalness are part of the company’s philosophy and are tailored to the beneficiary’s vision of their own space. Thus, we built the concept around the texture of wood and precious stone elements. For the rest of the details, we chose colors inspired by nature, ensuring a calm atmosphere.

The living area comprises the living room, dining room, and kitchen, allowing us to maintain the feeling of spaciousness. To support this atmosphere, we integrated beige and neutral-toned wooden furniture and textiles. Here, we introduced natural stone tiles, adding nobility to the interior. The intentional disruption of balance in textures and colors is achieved by a brown armchair that becomes a focal point.

The master bedroom continues the stylistic line of the living area but with a greater dose of tranquility. Here, wood and stone tiles are accompanied by pale textiles, without chromatic accents. In contrast, the children’s bedroom lacks luxurious elements, with wide windows allowing gentle light, creating a serene atmosphere.

Overall, the interior transcends mere aesthetics and becomes a story of comfort and balance. Through the careful integration of natural elements, this apartment becomes not just a place to live but a continuous experience of beauty and tranquility.

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