Year: 2024

Area: 400 sqm

Location: Suceava, Romania

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Anna Shiptin

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

Sobriety with bold accents. The interior of this office was designed to illustrate the reinvention of office spaces. We approached the space through the lens of functionality and comfort, adding an aesthetic component. We created subtle contrasts of textures and colors to give the space a modern atmosphere.

Thanks to the skillful flow of natural light, we seamlessly integrated shades of anthracite gray, which serve as a base for assembling a sober and business-like interior. On the other hand, the generosity of the space allowed us to create airy and comfortable areas. Although subtly integrated, the strong textures give the project personality. At the same time, their interplay becomes a calling card for the company’s activity. Illustrating the combination of various finishes without creating a jarring contrast is a worthy approach for a construction and installation company.

The ground floor has become a stage with corten as the protagonist. Selectively applied as an accent, this material is a statement of strength. As a counterbalance, to temper this feeling, we integrated a tree meant to bring vibrancy to the atmosphere. To maintain the sense of ephemerality created by the windows, glass is integrated throughout the project. Another strong detail is the accent walls on the upper floor. Their rock-like appearance, combined with the minimalist lines of the rest of the interior, aligns with the bold details.

On the other hand, the spaces intended for employees are calm. Here, in terms of finishes, we focused on creating psychological comfort. We opted for softer colors and the warm texture of wood. Accompanied by upholstered furniture in neutral colors, these elements create comfortable interiors without excess or extravagance.

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