Peaceful apartment – calmness of simplicity

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Peaceful apartment – calmness of simplicity

We like projects that bring to us great challenges, so namely because of this you will see in our portfolio arrangements that break the patterns. However, sometimes, a bit of calmness is needed and we find it in projects that require simplicity. It is also the case of this apartment, where the balance between white and grey offers relaxation. And for not to make the simplicity boring, we have completed the interior with wooden details and ceramic tiles.
At the same time, this arrangement is a demonstration of the fact that good taste does not require huge investments. The luxurious elements were excluded from the very beginning, opting for simple and aesthetic ones. Laconic luminaries, furniture upholstered with simple textile and absence of precious décor demonstrate this. Although it seems compact, the open space that unites the kitchen, the dining room and the living room retains all the necessary elements: from the essential stove to the subtle carpet, which heats the atmosphere without loading it. And to get even more comfort we took full advantage of already existing elements, so the living plants and accents of green on the bar stools appeared in the living area.
The same contemporary style we find in the bedrooms, where we played on colour accents. In the matrimonial one we introduced a sober, but calm, green, and in the one of the child we opted for calm hues of orange, brick-red and yellow. Also, in these rooms we have emphasized the correct distribution of space. In the matrimonial bedroom we have designed a dressing room and a small study in the recessed balcony. In the child’s room, as well in the recessed balcony, we arranged the playpit. Thus, we made the most of the space we had and created a spatial and chromatic harmony. Simple. Calm. Relaxing.

Year: 2019

Size: 115 m2

Locaation: Chișinău, R.Moldova

Brands: Poliform, Minotti, Eichholtz Feraud, Madlab, Orac Décor, Redo Group, Donolux, MantraLight, Rex, Qua, Flortim-Cedit, Sadolin, Loggia, Factura, Egger, VITRA

Team: Marco Ballerini, Alexandrin Buraga, Alina Bodisteanu, Victoria Plesca

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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