The penthouse of subtle elegance – interior design of contemporary style

The penthouse of subtle elegance – interior design of contemporary style

The notion of penthouse is associated with greatness, and the purpose of this project was to subtly emphasize its grandeur. As we were focused on elegance, so we opted for sophisticated materials and small accents of luxury.  We created a modern interior in which minimalism was mixed with shades of sophistication. In this concept, the straight lines are combined with soft curves, being sometimes accompanied by circular shapes.

It looks so spacious and so impressive! The spirit of the atmosphere is set up straight from the ground floor. The ceramic tiles in cold hues contrast with the fireplace, the glass handrails contrast with the wooden finish on the walls, and the grey hues of the furniture acquired lightness due to the expensive fabrics. The massive luminaire in which the crystals flirt with the golden edges has become the jewellery of the living zone. And everything is flooded with light thanks to the panoramic glass, which offers a splendid view of the city.

The feeling of grandeur continues in the matrimonial bedroom, where the play of wood, glass and golden details is equally balanced. What makes this room special is the planning, where the bed becomes a nucleus. The space was divided into three parts by means of two partitions, so that the wardrobe was placed behind the bed and the bathroom in front of it.

The spirit of elegance reigns in the children’s bedrooms as well, but it is a bit more simple. They do not have luxurious golden details and intricate layouts; they are created using concise lines and calm neutral colours to maximize comfort and space for small dwellers.

Year: 2019

Size: 450 m2

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Brands: Visionnaire, Delightfull, Flos, Minotti, MADLAB, Davide Groppi, Restoration Hardware

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodișteanu, Natalia Bedros, Gabriela Nacu

Architectural Concept: AB + Partners

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