Regina Naturii – aesthetically sweetened project

Year: 2019

Area: 600 sqm

Locație: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Brands: MADLAB, Smartlight, Sika, Atas Lighting, Loggia

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vitalie Robu, Veronica Juc, Maria Melnic, Cevdari-Rusu Iulia

Concept Design Interior: AB + Partners

Photo: Oleg Bajura

For us the “Regina Naturii ” project has become one of the great challenges. In one area, intended for a modern honey production plant, we had to combine premises of different destination, which had to be included in one concept and follow the same patterns.The 2-storey building of the enterprise has been divided to meet the requirements of several sectors of work. The ground floor was reserved for the reception area and the exhibition hall. The first floor has premises reserved for the reception area, conference room, offices and other auxiliary rooms.

The geometric shapes of the honeycombs were used as a source of inspiration and the hexagonal shapes can be found in the entire complex. These have become the accents that speak about the specialisation of the plant from the very beginning. The element was applied to the epoxy floor dividing the space by the colour into 2 areas: the reception and the exhibition hall. The hexagonal forms of the floor are divided by LED joints creating a lively play of the light. The hexagon has also been used in furniture items that perfectly combine with the shapes on the floor. Hexagonal elements are also found in the décor of the walls. For this purpose we have used MADLAB modules, which have the same form, in the conference room and in the administrative office. The reception area was made of decorative stone. It looks like a rock, also hexagonal, which gives the feeling of a cold, but fresh air. At the same time the background of the brass wall heats the atmosphere and ennobles it.

As it was a complex project, we decided to borrow some of the already existing elements. The sandwich walls of the factory have inspired us to opt for the continuation of this idea across the entire perimeter of the ground floor, just dividing the areas by colours. So we have camouflaged the cloakroom with painted MDF panels that imitate the shape of a sandwich wall. We used polycarbonate panels as dividing elements for premises, assigning them a decorative role due to the LED light that was integrated into their structure.

We opted for the use of a massive luminaire having the form of branches that hangs from the first floor to the ground floor, creating a semantic and spatial continuity.The honeycombs have also suggested the colour range consisting of yellow, white and grey. Their combination creates a luminous, relaxing and ecological space. Generally, the entire concept was based on the ecological principle, which is characteristic of the factory policy. Thus, we used simple and natural materials such as concrete, stone, clay and brass, and the accents borrowed from honeycombs, vivid yellow colour and the naturalness of the materials, gave life and style to an already existing industrial space.

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