Year: 2023

Area: 200 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Nicoleta Jelihovschi

Interior Design Concept: AB+Partners

This project was a challenge of sensuality for us. Designing a strip club requires a coherent approach from all points of view. The goal was to create an interior that seduces you with passion without going to the extreme of perversity. The premise must offer the feeling of privacy, despite a shared surface.

Disregarding the specific destination of the project, first of all we analysed it through the prism of functionality. The stage is, of course, the core of the premise. However, it is the users who must be guaranteed comfort. Starting from this assumption, we arranged the sofas in such a way as to offer visual access to the dance to the entire audience. At the same time, we have divided the entire space into smaller areas for small groups, so as to create that intimate allure necessary for such a place. We reserved more remote area for the bar.

We also worked meticulously on the aesthetic aspect. Although we did not use the general lighting, in order to add mystery to the premise, we focused on details that make the space eccentric. We gave up the stereotypical dominance of the red colour and offered the premise a dose of energy using electric blue decorative lighting. We have chosen smooth shapes for the furniture, which are detached from the atmosphere warmed by the sensuality of the dance. As an elegy dedicated to femininity, we used stylish figures in the premises, intended to give a tiny touch of strictness to the space by their geometry.

For a perfect experience, we have also designed rooms for private dances – premises where privacy is absolute.

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