Year: 2020

Area: 80 sqm

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vasile Burlac, Cristina Cortac

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

Photo: Oleg Bajura

Topgang is the first turnkey project under the authorship of AB + Partners company. The concept is based on the minimalism characteristic of men. Due to this fact, it was possible to complete the project in just 3 months and also implement it without prior visualisations.

Being a typical masculine premise, the barbershop is dominated by cool and neutral hues. At the same time, we have preserved the feeling of spaciousness, providing it with all necessary elements. The entire area on the right was reserved for the working area. The grey furniture blends chromatically with the finish of the walls, which imitates the rough structure of concrete. At the same time, the large mirrors contribute to the visual enlargement of the premise. The waiting and relaxation areas are also arranged in minimalist style. The sofas keep the general style: laconic lines and neutral colour.

Simple doesn’t mean boring. That’s why we relied on small accent details, which give the interior a fresh look. We created a scenographic lighting scheme, where we combined the spotlights, which can be directed to the necessary area, with the lighting fixtures with geometric combinations. Minimalism is also observed in the exhibition area. We opted for small minimalist and separate shelves. In such a way we kept the premise airy and combined functionality with aesthetics.

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