Year: 2022

Area: 485 sqm

Location: Cluj, Romania

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Serghei Sim, Ioana Sava, Maxim Sitnic

Landscape Concept: AB + Partners

A true elegy dedicated to the strict architectural volumetry. This individual housing project represents our vision of contemporary houses. We opted for succinct lines, without additional decorative details and focused on developing the functional aspect of the house.

The surface of almost 500 m2 is split over 4 floors. The sloping land lot conditioned the design of a basement, intended for a garage and a technical premise. Alongside with it vertically we have created a play of volumetry. The ground floor, which obviously exceeds the surface of the lower level by area, deviates from the shape of a regular rectangle. In turn, the first floor is designed using a console, thus creating the dynamics of the project. The upper floor was designed in retreat, thus emphasizing the rhythm of the architecture. The idea of volumetry is also supported by the balconies framed in the retreats.

At the aesthetic level, we offered the building the feeling of convenience through the use of colours. The warmth of travertine with which three lower floors are tiled is complemented by that of the wooden slats used on the last floor. The shade of bronze is also added to this formula. It is present both in carpentry elements and as a façade finishing. In order not to break the rhythm of volumetry, the dimensions of travertine tiles have been matched to the gaps of the windows and doors, so that the joints line up perfectly with them. On the other hand, we used glass for the balustrade and due to its transparency we avoided distorting the geometric image.

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