ARMN Apartment

Spacious and bright, so looks this project of a 120 sq.m. penthouse. Designed for a young couple, the interior borrows from their appetite for life. Modern ideas of the customers take the lead of the entire project, so very simple and straight lines meet the neoclassical details in this project.

It is one of the projects that give the feeling of freedom due to the airy and wide spaces. Namely this was the aspect we tried to make the most of. High ceilings, of more than three meters height, were enhanced with wide windows without jambs, offering a panoramic view. Another important element of the dwelling is the Filomuro doors, aligned throughout the entire dwelling with the one at the entrance, as well very high.

The hidden frame of the door coplanar to the wall ensures the absence of unnecessary details. Also, there have been done significant changes in partitioning, using which we have slightly moved the walls of the bathrooms to favour them.

The feeling of space and elegance are the main stakes of this project. That is why we have created a spacious living area, which occupies half of the total area of the dwelling. The open space was thought of as a comfortable space in which the kitchen, living room and the dining room were combined. The range of calm colours that dominates the entire dwelling creates the atmosphere of comfort and warmth. We have obtained elegance of the space using symmetry, precious materials, classical framing and luminaires, which have become the subtle accents of the room.

The same style has been preserved in the bedroom: simplicity, fine surfaces, warm colours and plenty of light, the golden details being the accents that enhance this room. The same simplicity is also observed in the study, which was designed very flexible and can be easily transformed into the children’s room. Even bathrooms do not deviate from the general rule of elegance. Ceramics of light hues and sanitary items with straight lines create light and comfort.

Even if we have introduced classical elements, we have preserved the modern atmosphere of the space, creating an up-to-date home that will keep up with the young spirit of the owners.

Year: 2019

Size: 120m2

Location: Chisinau, RM

Brands: Minotti, Orac Decor, Florim, Rex, Vitra, Kahrs,Calligaris, Madlab, AjurLux, Masiero

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vitalie Robu, Serghei Ivancenco, Cristina Cortac

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

Photo: Oleg Bajura

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