Stylish neoclassicism – bright apartment with shades of luxury

Year: 2020

Surface: 140 m2

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Brands: Minotti, Baxter, DV Homecollection, Daytona, Cielo, Vittoria Frigerio, Moooi, Masiero, Florim, Bassett

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodisteanu, Gabriela Nacu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

The project below is characterized by bright vibrations. Having a range of colours made up of calm hues, it conveys the idea of comfort and luxury. The house has a fine and noble air inspired by the character of the owners, and one of the challenges of the project was to highlight these qualities without making it boring.

We relied on a tender game of senses so the interior enjoys the coolness of ceramic tiles, the warmth of parquet and the fine texture of the upholstered furniture in neutral hues. We dissolved the monotony of light hues with golden accents. They appear as a leitmotif throughout the house, their presence being particularly noticeable in the open space that unites the hall, living room, kitchen and dining room. Detaching ourselves from the traditional ideas, we gave up the classic arrangement of ceramic tiles, creating both the floor and the living room panels from pieces gathered like a puzzle, joined together with golden joints. The colour range and minimalist shaping of the furniture allowed us to introduce in this premise sophisticated frames on walls and massive golden lighting fixtures, combined with crystals as luxury accents.

Calm hues are used in the bedrooms as well. Here we also have golden accents, and the light highlights the play of fine textures. If in the matrimonial bedroom we opted for more subtle frames, in the child’s room we resumed to the playful and classic spirit of sophisticated shapes. The differences are also noticeable in terms of planning and zoning. The room for the hosts was divided into the dressing area and a sleeping area, where we have the bed, the bedside tables and a dressing table. The child’s room has a more complicated zoning as the premise has to fulfil several functions. Thus, here, in addition to the sleeping area, we have arranged a library, a dressing table, but also a playground.

The simple and noble stylistic line continues in the bathrooms, where we can see classic frames, golden details, ceramics and neutral hues.

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