Ethereal House – delight of the contemporary comfort

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Ethereal House – delight of the contemporary comfort

Comfort was the main stake in the design of this house, and this notion was revealed in all its complexity. The design project started with changes at the planning level, the entire story concerned the bathroom on the ground floor, which was placed in the centre of the premises. We opted to place it on the lateral side, near one of the outer walls, thus giving it also a level of privacy. So, we enlarged the space in which the kitchen was arranged, avoiding the feeling of discomfort caused by the fact that the bathroom was opening directly into the kitchen. Changing the location of the bathroom, we have also obtained symmetry of the hall, whose classical geometry now ensures more comfort. Although they were not completely separated by walls and doors, the kitchen, living room and dining room were architecturally zoned. Finally, we obtained an open space that respects the discretion of each premise.
In the kitchen, which is spacious enough, the cooking area and a dining area were combined in a more intimate setting. The dining room, on the other hand, was limited only to its basic function. However, being also quite spacious, it allowed the incorporation of a massive table. The living room became the embodiment of comfort due to the fireplace we have modernized, and also due to the upholstered furniture and textiles. Simple lines as well as upholstered furniture are also found in the study arranged on the ground floor. And the bathroom, alongside with the changed location, has changed its appearance. Thanks to the light-coloured ceramic tiles, it has become brighter. At the same time, we created an accent wall, the effect of which was enhanced by lighting fittings.
As usual, the entire space was designed in the same style. The contemporary style with classic elements was perfectly revealing the idea of a comfortable space. We opted for pastel colours for to create a light, airy atmosphere. Large windows that allow light to enter abundantly helped in this regard. We have introduced massive luminaires and classic, laconic frames, that were symmetrically arranged on the walls as accents.
The project enjoys an enviable malleability. A flower vase on the table and the collection cutlery for guests easily provide a festive look to the house. At the same time, a warm duvet, flames of the fireplace and a cup of coffee are just enough for the space to conquer you by comfort.

Year: 2019

Size: 88m2

Location: Chisinau, RM

Brands: Vosart West, Arketipo Firenze, Arflex, Astele, West Elm, Saba Italia, Orac Decor, Madlab

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vitalie Robu, Veronica Juc

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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