Elegant Penthouse – modern elegance in neutral hues

The interior of this penthouse implies privacy and space. The project was designed to combine two notions that seem to be opposed. And this tandem characterizes the entire house, being harmoniously complemented by large windows that become the main accent with classic shades.  In addition to the fact that they allow the light to penetrate in abundance, they serve as an elegant antithesis to concrete walls.

Even if we have a large open space, we took care to delimit the premises by their functions. Thus, for the kitchen we created an area isolated from the overall picture, but spacious enough to provide comfort in addition to privacy. The large window and light shades of the furniture were complemented by the granite used for the kitchen tile apron and the island. At the same time, the area lighting offers comfort, and the suspended lighting fixtures transform the kitchen from a place strictly intended for the preparation of dishes into one where you can enjoy the whole process of gastronomic creative activities. The created atmosphere is taken up by the dining room, arranged in neutral hues and with subtle lines. The living room enjoys much light and a play of textures. The rough concrete, left visible on the walls, and the ceiling is warmed by the wooden floor. In order to add freshness to the interior, we combined the grey furniture with the black and white granite, thus continuing the common stylistic thread of the open space.

The generosity of the space is also present in the bedrooms. Here, the privacy acquired more accentuated shadows of naturalness. Dominated by wood and calm hues, the rooms are accompanied by glass details, which give transparency to the premises.

Thus, we have created an elegant overall atmosphere, without opulent details. Modern lines and neutral hues make the design of the house modern and comfortable as well as offer privacy.

Year: 2020

Surface: 140 m2

Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Brands: Poliform, Natuzzi, Calligaris, Minotti, Baxter, Alf Dafre, Axo Light, Foscarini, Vibia

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodisteanu, Gabriela Nacu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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