Loft & elegant house – freedom with masculine shades

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Loft & elegant house – freedom with masculine shades

The project of this house has offered to us generous spaces, and its owners – some rigours that we had to respect. As it was the home of a family with children, it was necessary to arrange the premises in such a way that they would be comfortable for all members. The wish of the husband was to have an arrangement with brutal accents and that of the wife – to have shades of femininity. To meet both demands, we again started in search of the balance and identified some details that allowed us to create the much-desired harmony. We created the arrangement based on the contrast of the brutal loft elements and the elegant classic ones.
Large premises allowed us to place all the necessary elements in the house and to keep the state of freedom, without creating the impression of overcrowding with elements. Giving up the massive and eccentric décor, we have chosen to finish the walls in the styles requested by the owners. Thus, on the one hand we have tough colours and hard materials such as brick and concrete, on the other – walls in calm hues, with classic frames.
We took advantage of the unusual planning of the house and reinvented the portal that created a common transition space from the ground floor upstairs. Here we have created an oasis with Renaissance shades: the sober concrete was decorated with elegant column caps, the final result showing itself spectacular both from the ground floor, where it marks the middle of the balance between loft and classic styles, but also from upstairs, where it takes the role of a balcony.
We used glass as a detail of transparency throughout the house. On the ground floor it can be found on the doors of the storage cabinets, the upper cabinets in the kitchen, on the balustrade railings, but also as an element that separates the small island-garden under the stairs. The motif of transparency is continued in the same way upstairs, but here it is more intimate, given that the space is designed for the bedrooms.
Lighting is another important element of creating the atmosphere. Although it is present all over, it does not capture the attention. Due to the hidden illumination we have got the feeling of space continuity. At the same time, we have chosen very simple, minimalist and subtle luminaires, avoiding making them stars of the interior. On the contrary, they come to emphasize the boldness in which two quite opposite styles were combined.

Year: 2019


Locaation: Chișinău, R.Moldova


Team: Marco Ballerini, Alexandrin Buraga, Alina Bodisteanu

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

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