Year: 2023

Area: 150 sqm

Location: Nice, France

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Oxana Anton

Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners

This interior design project comes as a natural complement to the architecture one, also signed by AB+Partners. Thanks to this we was able to create a complex vision. The sobriety of the architectural lines were borrowed to the interior, being balanced with the curved ones. All the elements were combined in such a way as to create a harmony between the exterior and interior architecture. Comfort was the main stake, and in direct correlation with this, we set ourselves the goal of offering the home ephemerality.

Bathed in light and generous in views, Uphill Villa gave us the advantage of wide space. We focused on temperate colors and calm lines to preserve the transparency of the home. Instead, we provided preciousness through materials. In the living area, the star has become the open space. The emphasis on durability was given through ceramic tiles, whose sand shades give naturalness to the space. We gave nobility to the interior by means of the wood veneer panels in the kitchen and hall. In support of this, we introduced furniture with sophisticated upholstery. Lighting fixtures, in addition to functional elements, become real sculptures that add value to the interior.

We also have an office on the ground floor. Driven by the same objectives, we created a comfortable atmosphere, where no element would distract attention. Having finishes in light shades on the walls, ceiling and floor, we opted for dark colored furniture. We kept the ephemerality of the space thanks to the glass that isolated the office from other spaces.

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