Light Industrial – adaptive reuse

Year: 2021

Area: 3400 sqm

Location: Brasov, Romania

Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alex Hanga, Maxim Sitnic

Architectural Concept: AB + Partners | A&G

Assigning new functions to old structures is a challenge that we always associate with sustainability. That is why such type of projects is also a tribute to nature for us. This is also the case of the Light Industrial project, which has undergone an impressive architectural conversion. The premises that have been unused for some time are former restaurant. We reconfigured the interior planning and created a showroom with several functional areas: exhibition area, office area, as well as areas intended for the use by employees.

The massive architectural structure, where socialist influences gave a brutal look to the context, also required an aesthetic intervention on the outside. The façade was redesigned, being tiled with the fibre-reinforced cement tiles. In addition to their high resistance to various external factors, they are also environmentally friendly. We widened the windows, thus giving ephemerality to the structure and at the same time keeping the leitmotif of the vertical lines. We opted for a succinct geometry, neutral chromatics and accents. We gave it freshness and contemporary air.

The adjacent area is of special importance. Its arrangement offered a series of functions to the space. In addition to the arrangement of waiting areas and parking lots at the entrance, we have planned an exhibition area outside. It has to suggest the direction of development for the showroom – that of construction materials, but also to become a landmark of it.

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